Easing Text Anxiety with a Text Message Manager: What to Know

Did you know the average American has 47 unread texts at any given time? Receiving texts and not being able to answer them or even read them can cause many Americans what is called texting anxiety.

If your heart starts racing when you see unread messages on your phone, there is a solution: getting a text message manager.

But what is text anxiety, and how can a text message manager help? Read on to see how a text manager can transform your life.

What Is Texting Anxiety?

Texting anxiety is anxiety connected to having to respond to messages on your smartphone or other device. It can present itself as a dread to look at the device and can have physical symptoms like a racing heart, sweaty palms,  and jitters.

People who already suffer from anxiety are much more likely to develop texting anxiety. This type of anxiety can impact your social life and your work life, which is why getting help managing it is important. That is where a text message manager comes in.

Text Message Manager: What It Can Offer

A text message manager like SQRL App ensures that you never miss a message and that unanswered messages do not get lost in a sea of texts. It can offer many benefits.

Extracts Messages

At a set interval of your choosing, an app like SQRL will scan all of your messages, detect the ones that are unanswered, and extract them into the app. It is an app that is intuitive, discarding the messages that you answered already and focusing on the ones that you have not. You do not need to worry about scrolling and scrolling to find that one unanswered text.

When there is a new message that you need to answer, the app will ping. You can also set alarms to remind you to answer a message, ensuring you never forget a response.

Folder Structure for Maximum Organization

The app allows you to create the folders you want to group certain contacts together. It can let you place all of your work-related texts in one folder, which you can then ignore on your days off if you want.

Messages from the same contact are kept together so that you can easily find the one you want.

Read or Unread

SQRL App lets you manually read or unread messages. All you have to do is mark them. You can also erase messages from the app without erasing them from your phone.

SQRL App also makes it easy for you to compose messages and then copy them right into a text. It has functions that allow you to send a customized text response even if you do not see the message to ensure no one feels you are ignoring them.

Block Messages

If you want to block a particular contact and ensure you never see a message from them again, you can do so with the SQRL App. It also helps you block spam, so you do not have to bother with ads ever again.

Relieve Texting Anxiety

When you choose SQRL App, you will make dealing with personal and professional text messages much easier and much less stressful. SQRL App is the solution to never missing or allowing another text message to go without a response.

Contact us today to find out more about how SQRL App can help you start improving the way you communicate!

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