Customers Love Text Messaging

Reasons Why Customers Love Business Text Messaging


Text messaging is our daily lifeline to friends, family, and businesses. It is one of the most popular ways we communicate, with more than six billion texts sent every day in the United States. Americans make up 45% of the world’s text volume and text twice as often as they call.

Maybe you’re wondering about the benefits of business text messaging. If your company isn’t using this time-effective and customer-preferred method of communication, you’re missing out. Seventy-eight percent of people wish they could text with a business rather than place a call.

If learning customers want to text you doesn’t inspire a change in your business practice, keep reading. We’re going to share why text message services for businesses are the wave of the future and keep clients happy.

Fast and Convenient

People want to communicate by text with your business for the same reason they do it with their friends. It is a fast way to communicate without being bogged down by a telephone conversation.

If all your client needs to do is ask a quick question or relay a bit of information, text messaging is more convenient for both the business and the customer. Both parties can deal with the exchange when convenient for their respective schedules.

Eliminates Hold Frustration

When people call customer service they have a problem causing frustration and need a resolution. They call customer service and receive an automated message requiring them to key in account numbers and additional information. After that an automated voice informs them they are “call number 6” and the estimated weight time is “65 minutes.”

Who has time for that? By the time a live person comes on the line, the customer is ready to pulverize the person in customer service.

Preferred for Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, 79% of people are frustrated with the options currently available. Fifty-two percent of consumers express a preference for text message contact over navigating an automated phone system.

An additional 47% say that having text messaging as an option would improve their overall satisfaction with a business’s customer service.

Default Communication Method

Think back to the good ole days 15-20 years ago when people would say “I’ll give them a call” to ask a question, confirm an appointment, etc.

Today you are more likely to hear “I’ll shoot them a text.” If you’re going to be late for a meeting or need directions it’s the fast and easy way to communicate.

Retrievable Information

When you have a telephone conversation with a client both parties need to write down everything. This takes time, and time is money. With a business text message service, the entire exchange is in writing and can be referred to whenever necessary.

You Can Keep Busy

Phone calls require your attention. When you, staff, or a client makes or receives a phone call, all other activities stop. If one of you is sitting on hold, this extends the time being wasted.

With text messaging the written message is sent and then the sender is able to return to other productive activities. Using text messaging for businesses allows staff to be more productive and eliminates client frustration.

Resolving Unread Message Backlog

The average American has 47 unread text messages at any given time. Unread business text message backup can cause text anxiety.

The solution is an app that organizes your text messages into folders. The SQRL app automatically scans your messages at an interval you set. It extracts all messages you have not responded to and sends you an alert.

Business Text Messaging Organization

Now you know that business text messaging is the key to keeping clients happy and staff productive. The SQRL app is the best business text messaging service available. Download it today to put your business at the frontline for providing excellent customer service.

If you have any questions about SQRL feel free to contact us by sending a message or calling (561) 704-8497.

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